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     To accommodate the national financial policies, NCTU’s mid and long term development plans, and the regional characteristics of Hsinchu as a city of cutting edge technology, the Graduate Institute of Finance focuses on the integration of inter-faculty resources to enrich academic research in the field of finance and to explore the fundamental financial theories in depth, while emphasizing the applications of financial theories and research results on practical issues in the business world and fulfilling the demands of the developing high tech industry. The Graduate Institute of Finance will thus achieve the ideal of applying the results from global research to domestic applications. 
1. Improvement of Academic Research in Finance
The academic development of finance is more recent than most other fields of management science. Academic finance, therefore, encompasses a broader knowledge base. As part of the research institution that NCTU is, the Graduate Institute of Finance will undertake significant academic research in the fundamental theories of finance
In response once again to the development of the government’s financial policies and in meeting the needs of various industries, the Institute’s research focus lies in both global and domestic applications. The Institute’s location near Hsinchu Science Based Industrial Park (HSBIP) enables the integration of theoretical research with business financial planning, financial engineering and risk management to achieve the application of globalized research to local experience.
2. Utilization of Geographic Advantages
NCTU is located in the neighborhood of HSBIP, the high-tech hub of the nation.  In addition to the advanced and sophisticated manufacturing technology, support from financial experts in the formulation of investment and financing policies is essential for enterprises facing industrial competition and global challenges. Many prestigious HSBIP companies are eager to acquire advanced financial knowledge.  The establishment of the Institute thus promotes financial research and applications and forms the cradle of financial expertise.
3. Cultivation of Outstanding Financial Experts
Due to the continuous growth and globalization of the domestic financial markets, as well as the rapid changes and innovation in the international markets, the demand for financial professionals is ever-rising.  Furthermore, as finance is a new area of study in the field of business management, it has become the most desired choice of study for students. Many universities in Taiwan have therefore established financial related departments or institutes, leading to an increased demand for finance PhD graduates as qualified faculty members. To serve this demand, the Graduate Institute of Finance is now in the process of setting up a financial doctorate program for the purpose of training future finance faculty members in the nation.