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About us

I. Institute Objective
Under the government’s active pursuit of its liberalization and internationalization policy, the study of finance is, without doubt, an area of rapid growth and development. In response to the rapid changes in both domestic and international financial markets, government agencies, academic institutions and the business world are all in heavy demand for persons possessing exceptional talents and skills in the field of finance.  
National Chiao Tung University has a long and rich history. NCTU’s Science and Engineering Faculty is among the best in the nation. It has an excellent reputation in training students who attain superior achievements in the various fields of science, engineering, electronics and information technology. Currently, NCTU places its emphasis on the development in humanities and social sciences to enhance the advancement of NCTU as a whole, and to better utilize the available research resources via the integration of different fields of study. The university thus establishes a Graduate Institute of Finance to create a broader scope of education basis for its College of Management, thereby transforming NCTU into a comprehensive, diversified and internationally competitive university.   
II. Education Goal
(1)Integrate theoretical studies with financial planning, financial engineering, and risk management of the enterprises to achieve the goal of combining the internationalized researches with localized applications. 
(2)Promote superior financial researches with practical implications and nurture more outstanding financial professionals.
III. Core Competencies
(1). Professional knowledge and skills in finance
(2). Capability of applying mathematics, Science and information technology in finance
(3). Capability of discovering, analyzing, modeling, and making feasible decisions to financial problems.
Capability of effective communication and team work
(5). Understanding the impact of finance on enterprise, society and the world with continuous learning capability and intension
(6). Understanding professional ethics and social responsibility with global view
(7). Integration, analysis and innovation of financial knowledge
(8). Independent study and capability of instructing financial knowledge
(9). Leading, planning and executing team-work R & D project